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[ENG] Need help with

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[ENG] Need help with

Messaggioda xurc » venerdì 18 agosto 2017, 15:30


I'm a developer who is actually creating web-based application to search package across all known third party DSM package sources. I wanted to add yours, but I have problems to get data from it. Basically my website is pretending to be a Synology NAS device and queering SPK servers for packages using the same parameters as original Synology device. I was basing on the project located at (just as you do, according to the credits on your SPK server). However I always get 404 (not found) error from your server. I tried to handle this by myself, but without result. I hope you help me with this if you would like to be part of my project.

What I need from you is a body of the php function canHandle for Synology handler (located at lib/SSpkS/Handler/SynologyHandler.php). It would be very helpful for me, so I could analyze why I get the 404 error code.


ps1. My project is now in beta testing mode, so it is not released into public yet. However I can provide you link in a private message for testing if you wish.
ps2. Sorry if I post in the wrong section
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Re: [ENG] Need help with

Messaggioda burghy86 » sabato 19 agosto 2017, 8:57

hi. dmajo are a dev's repository.
this project are similar to a dmajo's experiment . send a pm to dmajo for any question

if you want,send me a link. i tried all project :-)

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